Top 5 washing machine reviews

Siemens IQ WM14Y891GB/37


It is theIQWM14Y891GB/37 by Siemens washing machine comes with a capacity of 8 kg, bears the A+++rating in terms of energy saving. It works with a spin speed of 1400rpm. On average, it takes 2 hours and 10 minutes to wash pure cotton fabrics and the average time taken to wash synthetic material is 1 hour and 45 can be regarded as a comparatively less noisy machine as the noise reading is around 63.8 decibels.

Tested September 2014


This washing machine gives excellent results when it comes to its stain removing features. Whichever cycle you choose, you will have effectively washed clothes with minimum energy consumption. Talking about time effectivity, well! You can wash clothes at the eleventh hour with maximum efficiency.


  1. Excellent capacity to remove stains
  2. Efficient spin technology which ensures staining of water and detergent.

3.Efficient consumer of water and electricity irrespective of the cycle chosen for washing.

  1. Properly lit and user-friendly control panel so as to aid users choosing the appropriate cycle and controlling the options.
  2. I-dose technology which automatically releases the stored water and liquid detergent according to the load and requirement.
  3. LED light inside the washing drum to ensure that the machine is fully emptied.


MieleWKH 120 WPS


An all rounder with a capacity to wash clothes weighing 8kgs and the maximum spinning speed of 1600 rpm, it is one of the A+++rated machine by the washing machine reviews. You can switch between the control panels which include the dial, touchscreen and buttons. The control panel has an LCD display to endure maximum visibility even in dark.

Tested September 2014

If you are for the best product, you may check the washing machine reviews which explain the real work experiences. People rate its stain removing quality as the best as compared to the competitive brands. It is not only effective but it is also practical in terms of energy and water conception. Well! On an average it costs 17.1p per washing cycle. In addition, it works very quietly without making noise. The maximum noise it reaches is 64decibels. Coming to the spinning capacity, simply forget about taking out moist clothes put of the machine as the dryer is just as effective as the washer. Its user-friendly control panel enables you to keep the track of time remaining, water intake, detergent usage and many other features. Although some customers find it a bit expensive if you have a look at the washing machine reviews but with such features and quality, the price is justified.


  1. Unmatchable stain removal quality.
  2. Bright and easy to understand control panel
  3. Water and electricity effective asit consumes the minimum levels.
  4. Excellent spinning speed to remove water completely from the clothes.
  5. TwinDose feature ensuring the storage of detergent and fabric conditioner separately and then they are released as and when required.


Samsung WF70F5E0W4W


This machine comes with a washing drum of capacity 7kgs, rated as A+++ with a spinning speed of 1400rpm. You can wash cotton clothing in this machine within 2 hours and 54 minutes while the synthetic clothes take 2 hours to be washed. At the loudest, the machine works at 63.6 decibels.

Tested September 2014

Although it takes a bit longer time to wash cotton clothing but overall it works efficiently when it comes to removing stains from clothes plus the helpful and easy to use control panel makes it a good choice as far as the washing machine reviews go.


  1. Easy operations with well-explained instructions.
  2. Easily understandable controls.
  3. Good atremoving stains.
  4. Safe water consumption range (9p per cycle).



  1. Lengthy washing cycle for cotton clothes.
  2. High consumption of electricity (10 p per cycle).


Grundig GWN59450CW


Well! This machine has the capacity to wash a weight of 9kg. It has been rated as A+++ and spins at a speed of 1400 rpm at an average. If you want to wash cotton clothes, it will take you 2 and a half hours while synthetic ones are washed in a couple of hours. It makes a sound of 64.4decibels at the maximum.

Tested September 2014

Well! The machine is quite impressive at removing stains from the clothes and is also cost effective in terms of water and electricity consumption. The control features also ensure customers’ satisfaction and can be easily operated. However, you might find it hard to wash the maximum weight of clothes and secondly, the wash time for cotton is comparatively lengthier.


  1. Efficientstrain removal capacity.
  2. Reasonable in terms of energy consumption around 18p per cycle.
  3. Modern design having clear display showing the remaining time.
  4. Responsive controls which are easily operated.
  5. Effective water removal system.



  1. Difficult to accommodate the maximum load allowed.
  2. Lengthy cotton programs.


Panasonic NA-168VG4


Going through the washing machine reviews, you will surely notice this 8kg capacity, A+++rated machine with a spin speed of around 1600 rpm. It washes both the cotton fabrics and the synthetic clothes in 1 and a half makes a maximum of 65.2 decibels of noise while working.

Tested September 2014

It bears good results if you ask about stain removing, quiet low on the energy consumption. The built and the performance is reasonably good.


  1. Satisfactory stain removal.
  2. Low on electricity and water consumption ranging around 19p per cycle.
  3. Effective spinning speed to remove water from fabrics.
  4. Works quietly.
  5. Clear and easily understandable controls.
  6. Large porthole making the loading and unloading the laundry easy.


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