Beko Washing machine reviews

Beko WMB91242LC


Beko washing machines are one of the most budget-friendly washing machines but still deliver great performance especially when it comes to dealing with stains. For the mother who has to deal with large amounts of laundry and also has to worry about the common stains on baby clothes, this washing machine will prove to be quite efficient in handling that.

Despite its 1200 spin speed which is lower than many other washing machines, the Beko WMB91242 is still able to impressively complete a short half load wash in just 39 minutes. This feature makes it convenient for times when you may have fewer clothes to wash and you do not want to wait the whole 90 minutes for a complete cycle.

Unlike a number of other washing machines, the Beko washing machine has a maximum capacity of 9kgs which is pretty convenient for family laundry, cutting down the number of cycles that would be needed to complete the entire laundry.

When put to the test, this washing machine was quite impressive in removing stains and registered great efficiency in its spin cycle. It is also eco-friendly, conserving water and power to a reasonable degree.

The pros and cons to take note of include:


– Effectively removes stains

– It is easy to use and the LCD screen is easy to read

– Impressive spin cycle to remove water from clothes

– It is budget friendly but with great performance

– Eco-friendly water and power conservation


– It gets loud during the final spin

– 1200rpm spin is on the lower side


Beko WMB91442LW  


If you want to get more clothes washed in a shorter time, then this Beko washing machine is just what you would need. With this WMB91442LW, you can wash up to 45 shirts or even a king size duvet or a dozen towels, thanks to its 9kg load capacity. And with a 1400rpm spin speed, your clothes will be ready to hang on the line in no time and they will not spend that long on the line either.

For an even smaller wash, it is possible to load 2kgs and have them done within 14 minutes using the quick wash function.

The Beko WMB91442LW is pretty easy to use with the LCD screen equipped with easy to understand programs. There are 16 programs in total which gives a wide range of options to wash different fabrics, right from the most delicate, to the cottons and wool.

When put to the test, this machine shows great efficiency in dealing with stains including tough stains on cotton and wool which can be the toughest stains. It also scores quite well in the energy and water conservation tests making it an efficient washing machine.

Some of the pros and cons to take note of include:


– It is very easy to use

– Cuts the amount of detergent wasted by 25 percent

– Well designed to add to the beauty of a laundry room

– Energy and water efficient

– It has a child lock function


– It can get a bit noisy in the final cycle

– The quick wash is not effective in getting rid of water

Overall according to expert Beko washing machine reviews and customer feedback, these are very practical washing machines that do a god job with stains.

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