Hotpoint washing machine reviews

Hotpoint Ultima SWMD9637XRUK Washing Machine


Are you looking for an environmentally friendly washing machine? Well. We have the perfect solution for you. Hot point Ultima SWMD9637XRUK is the best fit for you. This wonderful washing machine comes with an A+++ energy rating.

In addition, unlike other machines, it consumes less water and electricity in every cycle. It is also big in size weighing about 9kg. This makes it suitable for your big family. Furthermore, it can spin up to a speed of 1600rmp. Additionally, using the machine is quite simple; no prior knowledge is needed. It is also very easy to read the controls. It also comes with a total of 9 washing programs so that you can have a variety of options to select.

Of all the features mentioned above, what really makes Hotpoint Ultima SWMD9637XRUK unique and outstanding is its exceptional ability to use less water and energy which costs about 18p for every cycle. Its energy consumption is utterly impressive.

This remarkable machine does not make noise because it runs quietly, producing only 68 decibels when spinning. You can therefore run it at night if you like because it does not cause interruptions. Apart from being easy to use, this astounding machine has clear instructions that are very simple to follow and apply. No complications.

As regards to stain removal and standard spin efficiency results, it is rated average. This implies that in spite of its high speed of spinning, it experiences difficulties in removing stubborn stains. It is very efficient when it comes to the removal of water. Its wash program runs for 35 minutes. It is such an excellent machine for environmentally conscious individuals. You should however be ready for its stain removal ability that is rated average.


l Consumes less power

l Uses less water


l Stain removal results are average

l It is difficult to fill detergent drawer because it opens at an angle

l Its spin efficiency for water removal from clothes is also average




Hotpoint RPD 9467 J UK


This fascinating washing machine comes with a capacity of 9 kg hence suitable for a large family. It also has 14 washing programs. In addition, it has a variety of options for washing and is specially designed to deal with large loads. To add on, it spins at a maximum speed of 1400rpm. Furthermore, it has an energy rating of A+++. Selected settings are shown on its large LCD screen.

Tested October 2015

Hotpoint 9467 RPD J UK has an attention grabbing appearance which will impress you. It comes with a sleek design. It has an LCD screen as well as a single dial for program selection. When it comes to running, it is fairly quite. It also does not cause a lot of creasing.

During the test, this machine experienced a considerable level of difficulty in terms of removing stains when cotton was being washed at a temperature of 30 degrees centigrade. Its water and electricity consumption was rated average. In addition, it was not easy to remove its detergent drawer. Furthermore, 2 of its compartments were not clearly indicated.


l It is easy to use

l Has responsive controls

l Is quite when using

l Large capacity hence suitable for a family

l Sleek design


l Difficulty in removing detergent drawer

l Lack of labeling in the interior of two compartments

l Varying stain removal results

l Its door can’t open at an angle of 180 degrees

In conclusion, the above are indeed some of the best Hotpoint washing machines with number 2 proving to be much better than number 1 in terms of functionality. Choose one that best suits your cleaning needs.

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